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How do I get started? Follow these steps: 1. Get a wallet A wallet lets you store Bitcoins and send/receive payments. There are mainly two ways of creating a wallet: The easy way: Get a wallet online using a secure website like Run a Bitcoin client on your computer. You can get the original Bitcoin client here.
2. Get bitcoins There are many ways of getting bitcoins, some of them are: selling something for bitcoins, exchanging USD for bitcoins, etc. Some of them are totally for free. One of the most popular websites for exchanging bitcoins and dollars is You can also mine bitcoins using your PC, that's known as mining bitcoins. More info about mining bitcoins can be found here.
3. Buy with bitcoins There's an increasing amount of businesses and individuals accepting bitcoins the same way they do with dollars or euros. Visit this page if you want to see a list of places accepting bitcoins.
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